About Us

The MP State Livestock and Poultry Development Corporation was established under Statutory Act No. 37 of 1982 on 19th November 1982. The Authorized Share Capital of the corporation is Rs.200 lacs. The capital released by Govt. of M.P. is Rs. 118.23 lacs.

Our Vision

To improve, enrich and enhance livestock & Poultry production in the state and increase the income levels of farmers involved in animal husbandry, particularly women. To get M.P. declared as a Goat state of the country.

Our Objective

Production, procurement, collection, rearing and marketing of livestock and livestock products (except milk and milk products) poultry and poultry products.

Mission of the Organization

Towards Consumer/Beneficiaries
  • Transparent & fair in dealing with consumers for mutual benefits.
  • To improve socio-economic conditions of Livestock owner.
  • To generate employment in rural areas by livestock farming.
Towards Employees
  • To be transparent & fair with employees.
  • To provide them growth opportunities through training & good management practices.
Towards Government
  • To supplement Government effort for increasing GDP of state.
  • Not to be dependent financially on the state Government

Project Implemented by Organisation

Supply of genetically superior animals to beneficiaries under different Government schemes (Long Term & Short Term).
Implementation of breed improvement Programme in the state (Long Term & Short Term).
Production of genetically superior female through Heifer rearing programme.
To increase the milk production in the state through National programme on Cattle & Buffaloes breeding (Short Term).
To protect the farmers from losses due death of animals through livestock insurance scheme (Long Term & Short Term).
Production and to market poultry & animal feed (Long Term & Short Term).
To rear the genetically superior Cows and Buffaloes calves at Bull Mother Farm Bhadbhada, Bhopal (Long Term & Short Term).
To educate the farmer for better livestock management practices (Long Term & Short Term).
To promote breed improvement of draught animals (Long Term & Short Term).

Formation of Project Cell

Established in May 2009


Preparation of Detail Project Report for farmers of M.P. or out sides of Madhya Pradesh for establishment of large Dairy, Goatary, Poultry and Piggery project in M.P. including processing of livestock product.

Assistance in sanctioning of loan from Banks.

Assistance in developing marketing linkage in India & outside India.

Assistance in sanctioning of incentive available in Govt. of India & Govt. of M.P. from processing industry as per rules.

Strategies for Achieving Objectives

Target of Corporation is divided among the district for each month. Management reviews the progress of each district every month on the basis of monthly reports

Executive of District, who gives highest profit to Corporation will get award of cash prize and certificate. The proposal was approved by Board of Director’s

The registered supplier of Corporation who supplies highest number of animals will award cash prize & certificate. The proposal was approved by Board of Director

Major component of turnover of the Corporation is from supply of genetically superior livestock under different Govt. schemes. Executive officer of the Corporation is in regular contact with Collectors and CEO of Zilla Panchayat of the districts for sanction of Govt. sponsored scheme cases

Preparation of different projects for Animal Husbandry activities & its approval from GoI / state / Deptt. / Zila Panchayat & timely implementation of sanctioned projects