Multipurpose Artificial Insemination Technician in Rural India (MAITRIs)


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Establishment of Multi Purpose AI Technicians in Rural India (MAITRIs)

  • MAITRI are chosen from unemployed educated rural youth so as to generate employment.
  • These workers are chosen from the local area, as they know the area and utility of the timely AI service.
  • Minimum education qualification: not below 10th class and End Implementing Agency (EIA) may not be look for higher qualification beyond 10+2. Minimum age for AI workers may be fixed at 18 years by EIA.
  • MAITRIs are trained at accredited AI training institute (evaluated and accredited by CMU).
  • MAITRIs are trained using uniform training module developed by Government of India.
  • MAITRIs are trained at the accredited training institutes for duration of 3 months (1 month classroom training and 2 month training in the field with AI service provider).
  • After completion of training certificate and Unique Identification Number (UID) will be issued by the training institute.